Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mother Cabrini Shrine Easter Visit


       For Easter a few days ago I went to Mother Cabrini Shrine with my mom, it was absolutely beautiful (*^.^) I love that place... I've been there many times but never gone into the gift shop before, I bought a candle of the statue to remember the wonderful day my mom and I shared. There was also a small museum that just opened next to the gift shop with a garden around it, very cool! Took some pictures to share and you can read about the history of this place on their webiste Mother Cabrini Shrine

The view above is from the statue on top of the hill, 
373 steps up the stairway of prayer

The cute little museum filled with 
items and clothes owned by Mother Cabrini. There was also a lot of neat pictures and stuff to read about her story. 

We also decorated a few Easter eggs when we got home just for fun... (*^.^)

Mandy Spring

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