Friday, March 28, 2014

FungiFactFriday and Mom's First Tattoo

       Yesterday when I was waking up for work I had Misty (the grey one) sprawled out by my feet and Yoda (the white one) sprawled out right up next to me with his face next to mine. It was so cute I didn't want to get out of bed! Then when I got home they were cuddled up with each other, I snapped a pic right away and it was so adorable I thought I would it share with you all.

       On a more exciting note, my mom got her first tattoo last night! Same spot to match me but hers is definitely bigger and cooler (*>.<) It suits her perfect and this lighting doesn't do it justice on the colors, it's very pretty! On another random thought from my other blog on mycology I would like to announce...

       Friday's forevermore will be FungiFact day to celebrate the beneficial mushroom and mycelium species out there. A day to educate others and spread the knowledge on how we can save the planet with fungi if we change our ways and wake up to their potential. Check out Introducing my First Fungifact Friday for some cool info on Turkey Tail Mushrooms (*^.^) Hope you all have a wonderous weekend! 
Mandy Spring

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