Sunday, March 30, 2014

Photo Shoot and Cleaning the Camper

       Soon I shall have more awesome new pictures from a friend of mine trying to build up his photographer portfolio with some new stuff. He's been practicing more outdoor shoots so we just picked a nice spot near Morrison yesterday and my mom helped hold the light reflector, it was fun (*^.^) I think I look really weird without my glasses, and I don't have contacts so I was blind for most the shoot when the sun wouldn't let me wear them. He's going through all the pics today so this is the only one I've seen; I can't wait to get the rest! Although in this one I think the creek in the background is prettier than I am but I'm a nature nerd...

Mom and I also cleaned up the camper yesterday; vacuumed and wiped down everywhere (*-.-) We attempted to stay the night in it with our cat Misty, but after a few hours of sleep she decided to wake up and start meowing. Good news is the heater works great! Well attempt again to stay in there a whole night soon, it's so cozy in there, Misty will get used to it in no time. She was fine the first few hours but once we were sleeping for a while she woke up and wanted a midnight snack (*>.<) brought her a litter box but forgot her treats lol. It was cool getting to make the beds and see how big they are, can't wait to stay in there again and keep making it more comfortable.

Mandy Spring

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