Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Vintage Travel Tailer

       I am now the proud owner of my very own 1971 vintage travel trailer (*>.<) I'm so excited to clean her up and mom and I can start decorating. There's a few things I need to fix but nothing major at all. No leaks or problems we know of yet but even if something comes up I got a great price on it.

       Everything in it works, fridge, four-burner stove, heater, shower, plenty of storage space, and two beds. I want to replace the green carpet with bamboo flooring, spiff up the bathroom a little, and I need a hydraulic jack so I can make her level for the fridge to work. First on the list is selling my car and getting a truck though (*-.-) I was planning on doing that first but you can't miss out on a great deal when God puts it two blocks from your house. Just gonna have to enjoy her in the drive way and play around fixing it up before I get to take her out camping. So exciting (*O.O)

Brought our cat Misty to check it out, she approves. 

 Mom and Misty chillin on the couch that pulls out a little more into a bed

Dinning area that turns into the second bed
Cutest toilet paper holder ever! That's staying :)

       I'm so excited to start working on my camper it's almost all I can think about! If it weren't for my 2nd favorite hero, right after my mom, giving a talk tonight that I shall be attending (*^.^) Paul Stamets... I'm rushing to finish reading his book Mycelium Running. It's so good I keep reading super slow to soak in all the information but it's cram time now, I'll just have to read it again later. I was introduced to him about 5 years ago in his Ted.com talk Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World. I'll post more about him tomorrow and how it went but if you can't wait check out that video! It's amazing, changed my life since I was in college for Environmental Science. 
                                                                                                      Mandy Spring

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