Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Beginning of Spring (*^.^)

       A few days ago I celebrated my 24th birthday on the first day of spring, had some great sushi for lunch and got my Melbourne Shuffle on at a big club in Denver. Was a great day, but one very important thing that happened was I left my phone number at a house down the street selling a travel trailer. I had been envious of it for quite a while; for about a month I was browsing campers on craigslist, planning out what kind I wanted and how much money I'd need to save, while passing a cute one just down the street from me all the time on my bike rides. I would always ponder about what it looked like inside and wished I could just go up to their house and have a tour. I wanted to talk to them about what it's like to own a trailer that size because it was exactly like what I was looking for. Well God has his ways and a few days before my birthday they put up a for sale sign on it! (*>.<) I got to see it yesterday and it's absolutely perfect! I'm buying it tomorrow so I'll leave the rest as a surprise...

       To celebrate getting a travel trailer for my mom and I, Saturday night I got my first tattoo. I was going to a nearby place to get my neck piecing out that I had in since spring of 2009 (might get a new one with better jewelry cuz my old one was junk metal) when I decided to finally get a tattoo! I always thought I would really consider what to get for a long time first and had some ideas in the past but it just never happened. Driving to the tattoo parlor my mom and I decided on the fly I should get a small purple heart on my shoulder because it carries special meaning for us both. Since I was losing my one cool piercing it was only fitting I finally see what getting a tattoo is like, and not too bad, but it was really small. Still I can't see how people get that done on their face or feet (*o.o) eeeekks. Well hopefully I shall be posting pics of my new travel trailer soon! 
       Thanks for reading my first blog post (*^.^)
                                      Mandy Spring

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